Do you ever feel inspired to do something you don't normally do?

I'm talking about song writing. I don't normally write songs. But I wanted a song to put in my book Her Crazy Love. On the way to work one day, a few months ago, the words just came to me. I sang/spoke them into my voice notes on my phone and wrote them down later. I felt like the song was perfect for my heroine in my book. And well, that was that. There was a purpose.

But last week I felt like God spoke to me in a dream. He gave me the name of a song. A song for me to write. I resisted for a couple of days, but then I wrote. Within an hour I had a song written.

I'm sure no one will ever hear these songs, but I enjoyed writing them.

Have you ever been nudged to do something that is totally out of your realm?

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, I think writing has been an adventure in unchartered territory for me. Two years later & I'm still writing, tho. :)