Fun Stuff About Love!

I LOVE watching the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows. Because I love love and love romance and love watching people interact and gettng to know each other, the show holds my interests.
Rarely do the matches that result from the show come to anything more than a few months of dating, but lately there's been a shake-up in the reality Bachelor and Bachelorette world.
It looks like both couples from last year are engaged.

Here is last year's Bachlorette, Jillian and her guy Ed. Jillian moved to Chicago where Ed lives.

And here are Jason and Molly. I won't go into their story. You can read all about it on the internet, but it was crazy. They are now engaged. Yeah!!

I know two engagements doesn't mean there will even be one wedding, but I have a feeling there will be. We'll just have to wait and see!

Happy Love!

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