Jess and other stuff

I know it's been a while since I've posted. For all those praying for Jess, she got through surgery great, spent almost 30 days in the hospital, but is now out, doing well, back to work and enjoying life. Jess's passion is food---she creates these very cool dishes and takes photos of them. Maybe I'll get her to post something here one day. Her food is fabulous!!

Everything else has been moving along. Still busy at the job, still writing in spare time, taking the summer off of bowling.

I've got two more manuscripts started. Very different books, but each with an important message from God.

I'm reading the Bible chronologically with a lady at church. Donnah and I meet every Sunday morning at 9:30 to go over what we have read the week before. It's been such a blessing and really, even if you've read the stories before there is always something to learn.

Today I was reading a Psalm that was reflecting back on the Israelites and how God had led them out of Egypt, had provided for them, and still, they turned from Him.
They whined and whined for food and he sent manna. Manna literally means what is it?

They soon grew weary and tired of their manna and complained.

It made me think on my life. I'm asking myself the hard question---what is my manna and am I complaining?
Reading God's word always gets me thinking!!! What about you?

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