Here is a pic of our sweet dog Shadow. My hubby had Shadow before I met him. I always used to joke around and say the dog had seniority.
We had to put Shadow to sleep early last week. It was a very sad day in our house. She was over 16 years old and had a very good "doggy" life. We all miss her!!!
The kitty is walking around like "where's my buddy?"
Lenny's walking around like "where's my buddy?"
I"m walking around thinking "do I really miss the dog hair on the floor?" (She had very long hair!)
Pets are like part of the family and when they're gone it's like part of your life isn't quite the same.
For right now we're hanging out with the kitty and a couple of Macaws we are raising.
And of course we still have our blue and gold Chiquita and our lilac headed amazaon Lila. So we are not alone!! But it just isn't quite the same.


Tami Brothers said...

Hey Belinda,

I can totally relate. We have a German Shephard that we've had longer than our kid (grin). Last month we found out she has Hyperthyroidism. Which is tons better than we thought was happening to her.

BUT we now get to watch her slowly deteriorate with another issue and it is very hard. It's nice to get these last few days, weeks, months, (or however long we will actually get) with her; but it's hard to see the once very active pet having so many problems.

The vet tells us she is happy and in no pain, so that is the only thing that makes this bearable. That and the tons of treats she is now enjoying.

My thoughts are with you...


Belinda Peterson said...

Thanks Tami. Enjoy your time with your Shepard. Don'tyou just love how happy they are to be around you and see you?
I hope she's with you a long time.

Christy LaShea said...

I'm sorry about Shadow! But I believe I'll see all my animals in Heaven. I find myself griping about my English Bulldog, Tonka. She's asleep right now - snoring so loud you can almost hear her on the other side of the house! LOL! She will be 9 years old this March and Bulldogs' life expectancy is 10. I fuss about her different quirks but she's a great dog and I know we'll miss her when her day comes. Take care, girl and I'm glad you have your other animals to keep you company.

BTW, what is that AMAZON you mentioned? I'm wondering if that's a reptile?

Belinda Peterson said...

Hi Christy,

Enjoy that snoring!! You will miss it, trust me. It's hard to imagine, but it's true.
And an Amazon is a parrot. She's sweet and not really loud, thank goodness!
Maybe I'll take a pic of our animals and post it.

Anonymous said...


So sorry about puppy...........I know how hard it is !! Be well, be safe.

Belinda Peterson said...

Good to hear from you!! How's things? Are you way too snowed in yet?

Anonymous said...

HI. I'm sorry about your loss. I have two sweet dogs myself and can't imagine how I'd feel in your shoes.

Hang in there.

Missy Tippens said...

Lindi, I'm late chiming in. I was just thinking about Shadow the other day, wondering how Lenny is doing. I'm so sorry and know you miss her.

I had to laugh when you said Amazon is quiet. So NOT like Chaquita! Her squawks can scramble the brain. :)