Happy B-day for Alex!!

Actually his birthday isn't until Monday but since we are going to see him today I decided it was Happy Birthday Alex weekend! My baby will be 22. I can't believe how the time has flown by. From just a little (well, 9lbs 10 oz. isn't too little I guess) boy to a handsome grown man.

For all of you out there reading this with little ones, enjoy. The time they are young is shorter than you think.....I know, you don't believe me now, but it's true. (Missy, if you are reading this I know you feel the love here!!!)

Maybe I'll have some pics to post when we get home.


Anonymous said...

Tell Alex Happy Birthday from me too !!!

Belinda Peterson said...

Cuz!!!!!!!!! I will.

Call me this weekend sometime!
PS--I;m working hard on this book so you'll have something to read!!!

Jill's Jibberish said...

Happy Birthday Alex! Pretty soon you're going to be all grown up.


Missy Tippens said...

Oh my goodness, it goes by in a flash! And then you're this pitiful mom like me, grieving, missing them so!! :)

Happy b-day Alex!