I Do Not Pay $400 For a Haircut, but.....

I do get a great cut. (Since I wouldn't tell my cuz how much I spend on a cut, she thinks I spend $400!))
I don't spend that kind of money but I do LOVE Erik!! (He's my hair dude!) He and his wife are friends of my step-daughter and her hubby. I was always commenting on how great Lisa's hair looked so she gave me a gift certificate for my birthday almost three years ago and I'm still going.
Here's the lastest style Erik did for me.

And yes I know I don't look like Katie Holmes, (sigh) but the cut is very cute. It's also very short!!! But I"m up for a change and some bangs for a while.

So, what about you? Every do a drastic change to your hair? Love it or hate it?

Hair stories are fun to share!!!


Jill's Jibberish said...

Oh, my yes! On the day I was married to your father I went for a root touch-up (I had been a blonde for months). For some reason my hair would not process and came up grey like an old lady's. We had to make it a light brown (your father had not seen anything but blonde). I called his sister-in-law & she told me she'd check it when I got to the church. After checking it she said he was too nervous to notice and I shouldn't worry about it. She was right - he didn't notice a thing.

Belinda Peterson said...

That's funny!!! Is that how the changing hair color process started for you? By accident???

Carol Burnside said...

Yep, I've done drastic before. Sometimes on purpose, sometimes not. The 'on purpose' ones usually worked out okay. The unintended, not so much. Thank God hair grows!

After reading your post, I'm thinking you need a new photo on your blog. Hmm?

Belinda Peterson said...

I think you're right, I probably need a new pic. Maybe I should put the one of Katie up?

Missy Tippens said...

LOL, Jill!! That's definitely a wedding nightmare! I'm so glad he didn't notice. :)

Carol, I agree! I've had some unintended one--especially the times I tried to go just a little bit read and ended up with a shade not found in nature. :)