F.A.I.T.H. Today

We're talking about the story that won't let you go over on F.A.I.T.H. today. Check it out!

And Friday I have the priviledge of interviewing Rita Nominee Amy Wallace. Her upcoming novel Healing Promises debuts this month. Come back and visit on Friday!! Check out Amy here!


Anonymous said...

Interviewing Friday ?? I want to know how you get so much time off of work, don't you want to know also Christy ??

Belinda Peterson said...

Hey Cuz,

I'm doing the interview earlier then posting Friday. Besides, I have to go to the and Brenna girl...I have to go to 2 doc's actually. I'd rather be at work!
But make sure you read the interview. Amy is a great writer. I'll pick up her books for you and send them on. You'll like them.
Miss you mucher and mucher!! When are you coming to warm Georgia to visit us? We have an extra room and a pool, remember?