If you scroll down the page you'll find a photo of author Deeanne Gist. She writes historical romances for Bethany House. Oh, I'm sorry, she writes really great historical romances for Bethany House.
I'm very excited for Deeanne. Click here to see the reason. She just received her cover for her 2007 release Courting Trouble.
How awesome is this cover? For all of us writers, a great cover is a vision, a dream, an important part of the publishing process that we basically have little control over.
You go, Dee!!! This is great.
And on her blog, Dee is sharing an interview with the young lady who is the cover model. Go to her blog and check it out.

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AArmae said...

Oh, that is a great cover!

I'm sure soon we'll be seeing your covers, Belinda. Keep writing and good luck with the waiting game. I firmly believe everyone has a talent and when you find it and work hard at it, I believe God will make your dreams come true.